The evening migraine 

So most people are familiar with the weekend migraine, when the let down from the stress of the whole week causes a migraine. Or the ever popular vacation migraine. The last week or two I seem to be getting an evening migraine 😂. I have mentioned in the previous blog post that I am going through a mini migraine hell,well, this is it. Every evening, when I put the little rascal to bed, my head just goes nuts. Throughout the day it is the normal livable chronic headache, but then it just gets unbearable. Exactly like the weekend migraine. 

And it makes no sense to me, because I am not stressed, so there is no let down. At this point taking care of the baby is not much of a job, it is more or less just fun, because he is very easy going and independent. We go for nice long walks every day, he plays by himself, we play together, he naps for 2 hours, it really is fun. 

It is possible that the whole lower back issue messed up everything so badly that now I am going through some sort of withdrawal or something, since I was taking a truckload of anti inflammatories, muscle relaxers and other things for two or three months straight. But there was no other way, it has gotten to the point where I couldn’t walk anymore. 

I hate this. I hate the fact that after living with chronic migraines for well over 15 years, I still can’t deal, they still find a way to get to me, to surprise me, to win.

And then I get into the whole medication dilemma. Do I take something? When that is most likely the reason why I am in this whole mess or do I just suffer? And I am no sissy when it comes to handling pain, but these migraines are intense, they are take me down to my knees kind of migraines. They feel like someone took a baseball bat to my head. 

Rant over. I just hope it gets over quickly. I will try upping my cortisol and see what that will do other than making me all lovely and puffy like the Pillsbury Doughboy. Fingers crossed. 



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