Cannabinoids and migraines 

So, here we go. Something I was wondering about for a very long time and kind of always knew the answer to: marijuana as a treatment for migraine pain. In my mind it was always a no brainer, why would it not work? If it calmed cancer pain along with the nausea why would it not do the same for migraine sufferers? But I never had a chance to try it (however absurd it sounds that a person in between 15-30 years of age did not have a chance to try weed to treat her migraines) . 

According to the latest studies, cannabinoids are not only effective in helping with acute pain, they are also effective in preventing migraines. And not just like a bit effective, but as effective as amitriptyline (antidepressant used for years as a preventive. I, personally, hated it). 

To be clear these were actual tablets containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) combination, people were not smoking weed or consuming any marihuana containing products (THC, though, is the ‘mind-altering’ compound). 

But weed would do the same, of course, it is just more difficult to keep the dose consistent. I was always all for it, and not because I wanted to get high or was some kind of a hippie.  I just think it is easier on you than any of the preventives I have ever tried (and none helped). 

I would never smoke it, I don’t want to add lung cancer to the list of my issues, but I am trying it as soon as I get back to Canada. I did my research before I left and I qualify for the medical license (although by the time we will be back weed will be legalized in Ontario). 

If you have any experience with weed and migraine pain, please, do share. I would appreciate it. 


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