Something new yet again

A lot of new things happened in the last few months.  There was a lot, and I  really mean a lot, of doctor’s appointments and a lot of pain, heh. Just when I thought I had that pain thing figured out…..

What started out as what I thought was a flare up of my arthritic hip turned into my worst nightmare.  When the pain in my left lower back did not go away and was only getting worse, to the point I could no longer walk, sit, stand, lie down (do anything, really), I finally gave up and told my husband it’s time to go to the doctor. After visiting our very expensive private clinic here in St Petersburg I was told by one doctor that I had a hairline fracture of one of my vertebrae, then  the next one said there is nothing wrong with me, then I had a minor nervous breakdown and told my husband to take me somewhere else. (At this point I already had an X-ray and an MRI done) 

After a few phone calls we got a recommendation for a clinic and made an appointment for that evening.  The doctor spoke only Russian so my husband acted as a translator.  He took a quick look at the MRI and told us that I have no fluid in between my last two vertebrae. He prescribed couple of medications (anti inflammatory stuff, something like Vioxx, nothing much for pain, as Russians don’t like to prescribe strong pain killers). 

To be honest I was shocked by this. After reading a little about it, it is clear that this will stay with me for the rest of my life, so I should get used to the pain and boy, oh boy, the pain is not going away. Yeah, compared to the onset, when it was about 8/10, now it is still about 5-6/10 every single day. Sometimes worse. From my readings young athletes do seem to suffer from degenerative disk disease, so yet again, my theory that all that sport was not good for me is proven. 

And you can imagine what all the anti inflammatory stuff, along with all that ibuprofen and occasional Percocet has done to my migraines. Everything is yet again completely out of whack. I really do not know how to get everything back to where it was…..


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