What is going on

I know, I know, I have been MIA. Since my last post a lot had been going on health-wise. I feel like I have not gotten over my adrenal issue since my adrenal crisis, mostly because of the lack of health care here in Russia, but there is not much I can do about that.

Than the migraines. Because my whole endocrine system is out of whack my head is responding accordingly. My daily headaches are killer at this point. I now get these lovely weekend migraines, usually starting either on Thursday or Friday, which I find hilarious since I don’t work. And they last good 3 days. They are pretty manageable during the day, but as soon as I put the baby to bed my head goes nuts. I  understand that, makes perfect sense, but it also makes it impossible to sleep….yeah, I am not one of those lucky few that can sleep a headache or a migraine away  (like my mom or my hubby, lucky suckers). It just leaves me in this crazy zombie like state where I  don’t know what is going on, trying to find a comfortable place for my head on the pillow. 

As far as my daily headaches go I considered if I am in the medication overuse territory here, but from what I know about them they start in the morning. Mine start in the late evening or when I am about to go to sleep. So I am not really sure. But I am really cutting back on all painkillers, they don’t help much at this point anyway, it’s more of a habit or a clutch or something… 

And one positive thing that will make this blog more of a success (finally) is that I got a new tablet (hubby hates Apple and couldn’t and wants to switch me over). Up until now I only had 1st generation iPad (yes, they still exist, they work marvelously, but you can’t get many apps on them, but it was fine with me and I will still use it, because I love it) so the only option to write my blog posts was to write it on the iPad, send it over in an email and publish on the laptop, which was a pain… now I don’t have to do that anymore 🙂 

Stay tuned