Baby and a migraine

Long before I was even thinking of having children I was always wondering how on Earth will I survive having an attack and taking care of a tiny being that, let’s be honest, mostly communicates via high pitch or annoying cries. 

I remember my Mom shutting her bedroom doors for a day or two, leaving us with my father.  We knew to be quiet around those doors, not to bother Mommy, because she was not feeling well. Sometimes she would let us in to play quietly by her feet for a few moments. I never liked it. 

So before my boy was born I was just prepared with a lovely stash of all of my favorite medications: Imitrex, Fiorinal, Percocet, Tylenol 3s, Xanax, and of course Ambient for sleep. Of course I couldn’t do any of these while breastfeeding….

Then he was born. The hospital’s pain management was a major fail as they did not wanted to understand that I do have certain tolerance build up and I was just in horrible pain. They eventually agreed on Percocet so I just went on with mine. 

I think thanks to the shock of it all it took a few long weeks for my migraines to return to their normal patterns. Plus in the first 2-3 weeks I was taking that Percocet for the C-section pain. 

I ended up not being able to breastfeed as I completely lost all my milk. I have tried Domperidone plus all the supplements, nothing help. It was most likely the results of the cyst on my Pituitary gland. 

But after 2 months or so the migraines have returned to their normal pattern with on surprising change:

The migraines would wait until the baby went to bed. 

I have found this incredible. I very well know I have a migraine, even how bad it is, but I am 95% functioning, pain is almost not there, high pitched noises are not bothering me. But as soon as I put him in his crib at night my knees buckle and tears start pouring out of my eyes as that migraine goes from 0 to 1 000 000 in about a milli-second. 

Amazing what nature does!

Yeah, and if I take an Imitrex an hour before his bedtime I am usually good 🙂 (although that is, unfortunately, not always as easy as it sounds). 

So so far so good 🙂 no ear plugs needed here, no super stoned Monmy either. 

Hope it was like this for you as well or maybe you have some tips and tricks how to survive a migraine with a newborn/baby/toddler. Let’s hear them!


Pregnancy and a migraine 

So for the longest time every doctor in my team has told me that pregnancy will do wonders for my migraines. On occasion, some of them would mention that there is a veeeery small percentage of women that remain the same or even smaller group that gets worse.

I was really convinced that I would get better ☺️. Well, that did not happen. My migraines didn’t get better, I would say they got worse, maybe because it was impossible to treat them.
Eventually my very active life style (walking 15-20 km ; 9-12 miles a day; doing rowing and yoga every single day) became very lazy and sedentary because baby was pressing on the cervix to the point of opening it by the time I was in the fifth month of the pregnancy, so pretty much bed rest for me.

But there was a month or a month and a half in between month 5-6 when the migraines did subside. That was a nice break. Then they came in with a vengeance. I was allowed to take, on rare occasion, either Tylenol 1-3, or Percocet.

So looking back at it it pretty much sucked. It was migraine on top of migraine and I could not do anything about them. I suppose the next pregnancy will be exactly the same. Oh well, something like this would never discourage me from having more babies. It is such a short period of time in our lives and the reward in the end…. Just unbelievable.

But definitely some pointers for next time:

  • Yoga as usual before and for as long as I can manage
  • Modify diet, eliminate sugar and processed foods because for me these are major triggers
  • More oily fish (within guidelines)
  • Greens, greens, greens.

So how about you? How was your pregnancy or are you maybe thinking of starting a family and are scared? 

New migraine treatment in the works

I don’t know how much you follow new treatments for migraine, but it is a very difficult disease to treat. If you think about it, it is kind of clear, by the lack of new treatments in, pretty much, forever. Well, apart from Botox. Other than triptans there really are no real treatments for migraine headaches and even those are not the best and cannot be used by everyone (people with heart issues, for example).
So I was going through my Twitter feed last week and came across this exciting article:

New treatment for migraine 
So these are antibodies, which is completely new game in migraine treatment. It would most likely come with a genetic screening to see if a patient would actually respond to the treatment (hallelujah) and would come as an injection every 3 months.

I don’t know about you, but I find this really exciting. Finally something! If they actually go through with all the studies (and don’t price it in such I way that I will have to sell my first born) this will truly be a breakthrough in migraine treatment. Well, if you are one of the lucky ones who will respond to the antibodies. But even if you are not, I think this just opened a whole new gate of treatments for us. I think times are about to change and we will no longer be forced to depend on triptans or the horrible painkillers… (OK, what is happening to me? I never sound this optimistic. ) 

Cannot wait! (As mentioned in the article, should be out in 2018)